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Hello Neighbors 

Our next meeting is Tuesday, April 16th - 6:30PM

Unless otherwise notified, our meetings are held in the Parrish Hall at Christ the King Church.  The address is 5711 SW 9th Street.  We will send out an e-alert newsletter approximately 2 weeks before the meeting with final plans and the agenda.  

Please know that just because we only meet quarterly, always feel free to email us with anything you think we can help with in between the regularly scheduled meetings. We will do our best to assist you and/or refer you to who we think might be the appropriate person or city department to help.

To contact anyone on the Board or to the Board in general, please email:

We hope everyone is staying healthy and safe - wearing masks and social distancing as appropriate. 

For the Watrous Neighborhood Association Board.

Meeting dates for this year are: January 16th, April 16th, July 16th and October 15th



Mitch Harris, Vice President

Board of Directors


Neighborhood Association

PO Box 35845

Des Moines, Iowa  50315

Under the "MEMBERS" tab, you can see if your dues have been paid for 2024. 

If you would like to be on our email list, please send us your information.  You can email this to:      Your information will be kept confidential for assocation use only.
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